Our Story

An Idea is Born

In October 2014, a group of people in costumes gathered with the goal of bringing Halloween to kids in a domestic violence unit. We already had experience in doing an event together at a community picnic. We were now on the way to forming an official group.

Our First Year

In our first year we were starting to gain footing in the DFW area. We began by helping people who needed heroes. Heroic Inner Kids was small with only a few members but we were a committed group.

Our Second Year

We gained serious momentum during our second year. Our organization applied for 501c3 status with the IRS, formalized its Board of Directors and found firm placement within the community of costumers. Our sphere of influence also increased to include larger groups both locally and nationally.

Our Third Year

By our third year the IRS rewarded our certified 501c3 status, we grew to a group helping hospitals, local school districts and hospice patients. Divisions opened in East Texas and are in progress of growing in South Oklahoma with further interest in areas around Texas. The charity works with local, national and international groups doing over 70 events a year. Heroic Inner Kids raised almost $30,000 for Children's Miracle Network via Extra Life and is now the only exclusive cosplay charity in Texas.

Our Fourth Year is Coming

We are beginning our fourth year as a strong group with over 200 members in three divisions. We still maintain strong leadership with qualified, educated board members serving to lead the way to a new year. We already have events getting booked until December of 2018 and more coming to fill in the gaps. Our programs which include reading, educational and medical advocay programs are preparing for new resources. Please keep updated on what is coming!